To be succinct, we offer a Secure Private Cloud platform for Fertility Practices and services focused specifically on IVF. We build each IVF client’s environment based on their present and future needs, and host their servers in our dedicated racks in the most secure data centers; they are built and managed by our seasoned team of network engineers, each trained and tested on the security and compliance requirements of HIPAA/HITECH. Each client is in their own secure environment and dedicated platform versus many vendors which either only offer a particular hosted software that hooks you into just their software, or unsecured public shared networks.
In our business model, you don’t make a huge upfront investment for us to build your own dedicated private network with all the advantages of continuity and security. You don’t even have to pay for any of the Microsoft licensing such as Office, Exchange, SQL, etc. since they are included as part of the platform. Our billing model is simple, based on the number of users you have on the system and options you choose. And to avoid the potential pain that aging equipment may present, your platform is upgraded every 3 years. We don’t believe in nickel and diming our clients like most other vendors; most items others charge extra for come standard in our packages, like platform upgrades every 3 years, allowing for organic growth as your needs grow, duplicate backups every night and a minimum of 6 months of nightly backup retention, 24x7 monitoring and management of your servers.

We hope you take a minute to review our FAQ pages that provide more details about the benefits of our approach and why so many IVF practices across the country are so happy being on our platform and have all stayed with us over the years.